May 31, 2012

May 30, 2012

WL: Furla CANDY bag

Next item i`m going to purchase is CANDY bag by Furla. I just love it and it`s perfect for summer. 
The yellow one and the orange one are my favorites so far:

With glitter:

 The studded one is amazing as well:

Mint with snake:


Source: Google pictures


May 29, 2012


They have finally arrived! ASOS took 3 weeks this time, i thought they`ll never be mine.

Perfect summer sandals, aren`t they?!

May 28, 2012

NOTD #90

(2 coats)



May 27, 2012


Lazy Sunday, or should i say a study day, is time for some inspiration/favorites of the week.

♥ Quote ♥

♥ Bad Lana ♥

♥ Stylish drink ♥

♥ Manicure and ring ♥

♥ Glossy red lips ♥

♥ Neon clothes, bright nails and spiked bracelet ♥

♥ Dreaming.... ♥


May 25, 2012


I bought Jeepers Peepers sunglasses last year on Asos and wore them exactly once. 
Because i have many other pairs of sunglasses i decided to give these away to one of you, my dear readers

All you have to do is:

+ be my visible follower
+ write down why you like/dislike my blog 
+ leave your email address

I`ll pick a winner through on 6th June 2012.

NOTD #89 + New ZARA clutch

BARRY M ~ Bright Purple + ESSENCE (Circus circus TE) ~ Applause, Applause
(2 coats)

I found a perfect clutch (for my friend`s wedding) in ZARA. I`m going to wear bright blue dress, so i wanted a simple clutch box. It`s white and combined with rose gold. Love it!

May 24, 2012

H&M jewelry

I bought H&M necklace, ring, bracelet and earrings in last couple of weeks.

Taken in Instagram ( you can follow me: andelic_ana ).

May 23, 2012

NOTD #88 + Short nails

OPI ~ DS Extravagance
(2 coats)

Oh, i adore it!



May 22, 2012

NOTD #87

CHANEL ~ Particuliere + OPI ~ Bring on the bling
(1 coat each)


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May 20, 2012


Lazy Sunday is finally coming to an end... 
I`ll end it with some random pictures.

I want this ring holder:

Ombre lips:

A "bag" full of life ♥:

Where can i buy these straws?! So cute...:

To do: buy cheap sneakers + studs:

Gold iPhone case is wanted:


Note to myself:

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May 19, 2012

NOTD #86

H&M ~ Blue My Mind + MILANI ~ Gold Glitter


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